a message to all the friends of
ItsaGodGig Music

(making a very long story short)

December 2016 will mark the final days of the thirty year dream called ItsaGodGig Music.

This is not the death of a dream, but the next step.

In 1986, I had been to worship at a church in Bethesda MD... This was my first experience in worship with full band, with projection, with "non-traditional" worship. And I knew even then that there was a need for balance between worship and show. I could see that this new idea of media could be good, but that the show should never overshadow the worship of Christ.

And a dream was born... a dream I called "ChristCraft Services."

After leaving the Navy in 1988, I spent the next 10 years examining the use of media in worship; as a student, as a pastor, and then in 1999, as a full time Church Media Director. During that time, I gained a broad base of knowledge, as well as a reputation of being one who indeed sought balance between worship and show, seeing media much more a tool of worship than the worship itself... continuing to point that the media was a vehicle to lead people instead of a goal. ChristCraft became a powerful voice in churches around Central Florida, but also around the country through internet.

In 2002, I left Florida, returning to my home on the Texas gulf coast... and ChristCraft was a lesser known commodity. I did continue to try to reach out to churches in a new way.

ItsaGodGig started simply as a part of ChristCraft, dealing with the internet. The original was a web site that would help musicians, media people, etc., to develop their craft in a safe place. When I found myself unemployed in September, 2003, it also became a place for my own music (thus making Steve Goad ItsaGodGig's first client.). The web domain, ItsaGodGig.org was officially born in December, 2003, choosing a non-profit "dot-org" prefix not to say I was a non-profit organization, but as a sign of our goal to put service above profits.

Honestly, ItsaGodGig proved a much stronger name than ChristCraft (which kept getting me questions about ChrisCraft Speed Boats). In 2004, ChristCraft officially became "ItsaGodGig" and the services continued to evolve.

By 2006, ItsaGodGig had evolved into a more singular mission, focusing less on churches and more on Christian musicians. ItsaGodGig Music, a recording studio was born. While we continued to develop web sites on occasion, and continued to speak with churches about their media needs at times, most of the time was spend in the recording studio, producing and engineering CDs for artists. Since that time, I have been blessed to work with some of the most talented people in the world (not an exaggeration, just a statement of fact).

Now, 30 years since I left a church service in Bethesda, MD with the feeling a call for balance of worship and show... it is time for the dream to continue in a new direction.

As a business, as a web site, ItsaGodGig (and its predecessor, ChristCraft) will be no more. In December, 2016, ItsaGodGig.org (and social media sites related to ItsaGodGig) will be no more.

But the dream will continue.


There are many thanks that much be made.

Rev. John Black, who I was blessed to be a musician at the camp where he surrendered to the call to ministry, who visited me when I was sick, who was there to perform my wedding, who footed the bills for a couple of years ItsaGodGig's web site, and gave me a job in Texas, and who, in general blessed me with friendship over the years. I thank God for you every day brother, and you are always in my prayers. Outside of my wife, Lisa, no single individual has meant more to this 30 year dream.

Skip Nallia, your friendship over the years has been amazing. Thanks for mentoring me in the studio, for giving me access to equipment, and for throwing business my way. You made the last decade of ItsaGodGig happen.

Johnny Wills, your friendship, as well as your musical talent, has been impossible to even say the blessings.

Tim Eason, my friend and first mentor in Church Media. You have been a great listening ear and advisor. Thanks for taking the time since 1999 to teach me, and to celebrate with me. God used you in my life more than you will ever know.

To all the engineers and producers who allowed me to sit in the studio with you as an observer. You taught me amazing things that I hope I put to use.

and of course, my wife Lisa, who has supported the dream, and given me practical advice as to when to move forward, and when to pull back.

And finally, I must thank all the clients of ChristCraft and ItsaGodGig. The churches I consulted with in those early days, the musicians I served in the later years, and all those who I had the blessings to serve. I can only pray that you were indeed blessed over the last 30 years.

And to all.. may God continue to bless you, and may you realize that, when it comes to life. It's not simply living, it's not simply seeing personal gain...

When it comes to this whole life, IT REALLY IS A GOD GIG.

And for that, we are blessed.